DIY Confinement Guidelines

During Confinement

Now that your baby is born, follow these basic guidelines and you will be practicing a form of confinement that will benefit you and your new born. These guidelines are designed to be short so you can check off against these points on a regular basis.



  • Get plenty of rest
  • Adjust your position throughout the day. (You do not need to be lying down on your bed all day.)
  • Perform light exercises (eg. stretching, walking)
  • Get some sun
  • Avoid crowded areas
  • Avoid heavy lifting



  • No alcohol. If alcohol is present as part of food preparation, ensure the alcohol content is thoroughly cooked-off before consumption.
  • Food - Eat a balanced diet, including fruits and vegetables (refer to Question 3 in [Preparing for Confinement] page for more details).
  • Drinks - Lukewarm water or appropriate herbal drinks are ideal, avoid cold (especially chilled or frozen) drinks.



  • Avoid strong wind, but open up the windows for fresh air when it is nice and warm outside.
  • Avoid cold temperatures, and use heating when necessary.
  • If the weather is hot, help yourself to stay comfortable.
    • Air-conditioning. Tune the thermostat to 25°C or above, and turn the fan setting to low.
    • Fans. Use a lower setting, and activate the rotating function so the breeze is not constantly blowing directly at you or your baby. Try to create circulation in the room by pointing the fan to another direction.


Personal Hygiene

  • Take warm showers or baths, and wash your hair to stay clean and comfortable, following these guidelines:
    • Use a warm bathroom. Shower during a warming time of the day, or warm up the bathroom before you have your shower (a small bathroom heater will help, but pay special attention to electrical safety and trip hazards)
    • Consider adding herbal infusion packs to your bathing water (go to [Products] page)
    • Dry off, then dress up in the warm bathroom as quickly as you can
  • Use a hair dryer to dry your hair
  • Brush your teeth as per normal, use warm water to rinse if the cold water causes you discomfort.


Getting help

  • Engage appropriate health professionals in times of need.
  • A Chinese Medicine practitioner can assist your recovery using Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture. Confinement Care can provide in-home Chinese Medicine consultations to meet your Chinese Medicine needs, including difficulties with milk production, and other issues such as mastitis, insomnia, and sudden hair loss. Visit our [Services] page for more information, or [Contact us] to make a booking.