Confinement Care specialises in helping mothers to recover during their confinement period.


Our approach is driven by our integration of Traditional Chinese Medicine expertise and Western biological knowledge. 

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NEWSFLASH: As we welcome the arrival of our new baby, most of our confinement services will not be available until January 2018. However, feel free to contact us if you have any specific needs or questions, or to make a booking for 2018.

Best Wishes to you. Anni and Eric.

What is Confinement?

Confinement refers to the distinctive lifestyle that a mother adopts for a set period following child birth. 

In Chinese, this period is known as 坐月(zuo yue) or 坐月子 (zuo yue zi), and its' literal translation is 'sitting-month'.

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Practicing Confinement

"How can I practice confinement in Sydney?"


Confinement Care has put together some resources to help you plan and practice confinement in Sydney or other cities of Australia.

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Getting Help

If you live in Sydney, you have access to our range of comprehensive confinement support.

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