Chinese Herbal and Acupuncture Services

Confinement Care provides tailored Chinese Herbal and Acupuncture services to mothers over their confinement period.


Packages Available

Choose from the following options according to your needs.



  • Additional fees may apply to cover toll and/or parking expenses, or for travelling beyond the metro Sydney region.
  • Details of additional expenses will be discussed and confirmed before we make a booking.


Our Recommendation

Our recommendation for most mothers is Comprehensive Care 3. This package (with 28 days of herbal granules, 1 prenatal visit, and 4 postnatal acupuncture sessions at your home) provides comprehensive herbal and acupuncture support throughout the confinement period. This package is well suited to mothers who understands the benefits of professional Chinese Medicine care.


For Mothers Requiring Extensive Care

Comprehensive Care 4 is reserved for mothers who are extensively exhausted during pregnancy, or has a history of Chinese Medicine needs.


Herbal Granules Pack

The Herbal Granules Pack provides a baseline level of Chinese Medicine support to aid a mother's recovery. It is the most affordable in our range, yet allows mothers to benefit from the customisation of Chinese herbs. It is particularly suitable for mothers who want to compliment their confinement arrangements with prescribed Chinese herbal medicine for their confinement needs.


To Make an Appointment

Booking is essential for this service. Contact us for our availability in your area.

Payments are split over the number of in-home consultations, and are due at the end of each consultation. More information on payment is available on request.


If you live outside the Sydney area but is interested in our services, contact us to discuss other possible arrangements.


Not Sure which Package to Choose?

If you are unsure which option is most appropriate for you, contact us and we can advice which package will best suit your circumstances.