How do I Practice Confinement?

To reduce your anxiety and confusion over confinement, Confinement Care has compiled the following confinement guidelines. These guidelines are built on modern understanding of Chinese medicine and western understanding of a mother's physiology. Note that our advice may differ to those provided by your obstetrician, midwife, or other health professionals. If you encounter any differences, you will need to decide which suggestions are more suitable and comfortable to you. This choice should be yours.


Preparing for Confinement

  • What decisions will I need to make?
  • What should I anticipate?
  • What will be my food options?
  • Should my friends visit?

This page contains a list a questions that you should ask yourself many weeks before your delivery.


DIY Confinement Guidelines

This is a concise guideline that outlines how you can practice confinement to aid your recovery. The information is written primarily for mothers living in Australia. However, they are also applicable to mothers living in many regions outside Australia.


 Additional Guidance

This page contains additional thoughts on confinement issues. It is for mothers who want additional guidance for their confinement decisions.


Resources for healthcare professionals

If you work in the healthcare industry, we can provide printed information, free-of-charge, that you can pass to pregnant women in your care. These information leaflets are designed to give expecting mothers an accurate understanding of confinement practices, and help them to integrate their cultural understanding with western health professions.

Simply contact us and we will arrange for these material to be sent to you.