Confinement Care Herbal Medicine

We have carefully designed a course of herbal granules to support postnatal recovery for mothers in Australia.


Recovery is divided into three phases. Each phase utilises a distinctive herbal formula to achieve the following:

  • cleansing
  • replenishing
  • strengthening.


At Confinement Care, we also take the extra effort to visit the expecting mother at around 32 weeks in her pregnancy. This visit allows our practitioner to further fine-tune our formulas to meet the mother's specific needs.


The end result is a custom course of herbal granules that is:

  • founded on solid Chinese Medicine knowledge
  • modified to suit seasonal and geographical settings in Australia
  • target-formulated to maximise benefits to individual needs.


Our Herbal Granule Packs are packed in Sydney using herbs from suppliers that meets TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) requirements. Our granules are made from ingredients which have been tested and complies with all Australian standards in relation to contamination such as heavy metal and pesticide levels.


Sample Course of our Herbal Granules

1. Cleansing Formula (Day 3 - 6):

  • promote circulation in uterus for healing
  • expel blood clots
  • strengthen the uterus to promote lining regeneration for uterus health.


2. Replenishing Formula (Day 7-16):

  • reduce water retention
  • replenish Blood and Energy loss during labour.


3A. Strengthening Formula - Part A (Day 17-23):

  • tonify Blood and Energy
  • promote milk flow
  • strengthen lower back
  • reduce hair loss.


3B. Strengthening Formula - Part B (Day 24-30):

  • strengthen Essence of the body
  • tonify Blood and Energy
  • promote milk flow
  • strengthen lower back
  • reduce hair loss.


3C & 3D. Extensive Strengthening Formulas (Day 31-44):

  • continue to strengthen the woman’s health
  • address other conditions affecting the mother.


Note: We tailor design our courses of herbal granules to suit each individual mother's needs. The course above is an example only and may differ from the course we design for you.