Confinement Care Acupuncture Services

We design our acupuncture treatments to:

  • assist your body in its recovery from childbirth.
  • address any issues that may arise over the confinement period such as insomnia, fatigue, and lower-back pains.

In addition, these sessions allow our practitioner to understand the needs throughout your recovery, allowing us to further fine-tune your herbal granule formulas.


Acupuncture sessions are provided in the comfort and convenience of your home (you will not need to leave home). Each home visit is 2 hours in duration. These extended sessions ensure that we have time to listen to your concerns, and to address your needs. If time permits, we will also give you Chinese Medicine advice on how to to maximise your baby’s well-being.


Focus of Our Acupuncture Sessions

Acupuncture Session - 1st Week Postnatal

This is a 2 hours session that focuses on helping the mother regain her strength. Acupuncture may also assist in wound healing and pain management. Mothers will receive advice on food intake at this phase of recovery. We will use information from this session to fine-tune the next course of Chinese herbal granules (Formula 2).


Acupuncture Session - 2nd Week Postnatal

This is a 2 hours session that helps strengthen the body, and to improve circulation and promote milk flow. We will also evaluate the mother's recovery to form your next Chinese herbal formula (Formula 3A).


Acupuncture Session - 3rd Week Postnatal

This is a 2 hours session that aids the strengthening of the body in its recovery, and encourage smooth breastfeeding. We will also address issues which may arise, such as insomnia, fatigue, and lower-back pain. Our practitioner will finalise the fourth course of Chinese herbal granules (Formula 3B). The mother will receive some basic training on acupressure, and further advice on infant massage, particularly addressing issues that are affecting the infant.


Acupuncture Session - 4th Week Postnatal

This 2 hours session is about using acupuncture to build a strong foundation, and to give advice that will help the mother beyond the confinement period. Mothers will also receive dietary advice on food consumption beyond confinement.


Acupuncture Session - 5th & 6th Week Postnatal

These additional 2 hour sessions provide extra help to strengthening the mother’s body. Our practitioner will also address specific needs that arise at the end of the confinement period. Herbal Granules will be prescribed in these sessions to help strengthen the body and/or to meet specific needs.


Note: We modify our sessions according to each mother's individual needs. The sessions outline above is an example only and may differ from the treatment plan we design for you.