Confinement Tips

Staying Warm This Winter

After a late start, temperatures are starting to drop. It is important to keep yourself warm if your confinement period is in the winter months.


When at home, pay particular attention in keeping yourself warm when:

1. you step out of bed,

2. when you step out of the shower/bath.


Ideally, you will be able to preheat your bedroom and bathroom. But be very cautious that you do not create electrical, fire, or trip hazards when you use heaters.


Besides heating the air in these spaces. Try keeping a pair of thick woollen socks next to your bed. Put them on before you step out of bed. This will help you to retain more body heat.

When you have finished bathing or showering. Dry off in the bathroom as quickly as possible. If you have washed your hair, use a hair dryer to thoroughly dry your hair, including your scalp.

It is also a good idea to shower during the warmer time of the day, such as the early afternoon.


As always, if you are stepping outdoors, make sure you cover up to stay warm.